Product Matters - The Low Down on Sulphate-Free Shampoo in Caring for your Extensions

Do I need to use Sulphate-free shampoo to wash my hair extensions?

The sulphates in shampoo are what makes the product lather when mixed with water. These sulphates however can strip the hair of any natural oils. Once your hair has natural oils removed, it produces sebum (hair oil) to ensure it is retaining moisture and replace any oils lost in washing. Often, this can make your hair appear oilier faster and you will need to keep washing your hair more often.

As hair extensions are not attached to our scalp, the sulphates will dry out the extensions with no replaced natural hair oils post-wash. This will ultimately strip the extensions of their moisture, making them brittle and dull in colour.

If this is your first time using a sulphate-free shampoo, you might find that your hair feels slightly dryer than usual after washing. This is completely normal! It is your hairs way of retaining the natural moisture in the scalp without over-producing hair oil. After a few weeks of a sulphate-free routine, you will notice a difference in the texture and quality of your hair and hopefully won’t have to wash your hair as regularly!

We have rounded up our top 2 favorite sulphate-free shampoos to keep your extensions looking luscious for longer:

Our ultimate favorite every-wash shampoo is from our very own AX2 Professionals hair care line. A daily color & keratin safe shampoo that gently (yet effectively) cleanses hair while restoring moisture, improving smoothness, texture, and manageability. We love this sulphate free shampoo that is packed with sunflower seed extract providing UVA + UVB protection to preserve hair color. This shampoo also has coconut milk creating a strong barrier around the hair shaft to prevent breakage and rhodochrosite which balances hair moisture levels. 
Over-processing hair with frequent coloring, chemical treatments and heat styling can leave your hair feeling brittle and prone to breakage. Olaplex rebuilds the bonds in your hair increasing moisture levels and strengthening the hair structure (disulphide bonds gives your hair its elasticity, natural shape and strength). The patented color-safe formula helps to preserve the quality of your color to prevent fading and oxidisation. If you were looking to ‘fix’ or detox your damaged hair or grow out your natural locks, Olaplex is your go-to product!


-Kerri Alston Hair 

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