Tress Trends: KITPs and weft extension in person masterclass | NOV. 13TH

We value elite education & are fully invested in your success as a luxury extension specialist.. With multiple ways to learn, we have carefully designed our masterclasses to fit your needs. whether you are a beginner, shifting gears in your career, or a beauty guru looking to learn a new skill, we are sure our virtual or in person masterclasses are right for you.

Become a Certified Luxury Extension Master Specialist who attracts higher paying clients with our renowned certification program proven to accelerate your beauty business into 6-figures.

Are you struggling as a Hairstylist?

Does any of THIS sound familiar?

• You are feeling overworked and underpaid

• You are seeking more free time to spend with loved ones

• You want to make more while doing less

• You feel under valued as a stylist

Become a Certified Luxury Extension Master Specialist who attracts higher paying clients with our renowned certification program proven to accelerate your beauty business into 6-figures.

what's the solution??

become a master luxury extension specialist

about the masterclass

why take this class?

Located in Midtown Atlanta, GA Kerri Alston Hair prides itself on its exceptional educational program led by Licensed Cosmetology Instructor and Master Luxury Extension Specialist Kay Lynn. We are constantly setting new trends within the industry and lead the way to pave your beauty career with immense growth and success. When you specialize in the world's most sought after luxury extension services, you'll be able to work with ONLY your dream clients, charging upwards of $1000 per service, regardless of your demographics.

The time is now to transition from a hairstylist doing all the services and reaching the point of burnout to becoming a Specialist and focusing on high value services so you can confidently charge what you're worth and begin to take control of your schedule and become financially secure.

Completing this course will give you a high degree of certainty and confidence to perform at your best in this demanding industry. In addition to mastering extension techniques you will also leave with the marketing tools and community support you need as you step into this new and elevated season in your beauty business.

We can not wait for the opportunity to link with you!!

Inside the Masterclass


The Masterclass covers the technical installation, maintenance and removal of 4 Kerri Alston Professional Hair extension applications. Get hand-on and learn all about Keratin-Tip (K-Tips), Volume Weft Microlinks (Double Weft), Hidden Bead Microlinks (Single Weft) and Tape-In Extensions.

Following alongside the Kerri Alston Beauty Pro Luxury Extension Manual, learn all about the business behind the services. Receive in-depth knowledge on how to build and retain a loyal high-value clientelle, client consultations, texture matching, pricing your service menu , website and social media design, marketing and branding, content creation, and building a wholesale hair order.

inside the masterclass


Aside from the extensive technical knowledge of luxury extension all Kerri Alston Masterclass students receive the complete Luxury Extension Starter Kit equipped with a mannequin head and table stand, black canvas logo'd crossbody tote bag, matte black fully equipped Kerri Alston Microlink Toolkit, matte black Tape-In Pliers, K-Tip Fusion Heat Iron, practice weft, k-tip and tape-in extensions, tape-in remover and replacement tape, matte black alligator clips and velcro hair grippers, matte black Kerri Alston logo'd styling cape, microbeads,

+ Certificate of Completion

+ Access to our private Facebook community

+ Wholesale pricing on luxury extensions + tools

+ KA Beauty Pro directory listing

the beauty pro

education community

Comprised of over 400 previously trained students, Kerri Alston grants access to an exclusive private community of elite professionals that have taken the steps to elevate their brand to the next level. Get ready to experience a supportive community of pros here to motivate, inspire and encourage your success. We can't wait to welcome you to our community!

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