Beauty Boss Vendor List


A specialized toolkit tailored for beauty professionals, featuring a curated selection of 16 vendors encompassing hair extensions, beauty products, and packaging/branding solutions. Additionally, this comprehensive resource includes a detailed step-by-step guide on effectively scaling your brand through the establishment of an online retail store.

The Beauty Boss Vendor List is tailored for passionate beauty professionals looking to elevate their businesses to new heights. Whether you're a makeup artist, hairstylist, skincare specialist, or salon owner, this comprehensive guide is designed to streamline your sourcing process and connect you with trusted vendors in the beauty industry.

From premium-quality products to reliable suppliers, our curated list offers everything you need to enhance your services, delight your clients, and drive success in your beauty endeavors. Whether you're just starting out or seeking to expand your offerings, the Beauty Boss Vendor List is your go-to resource for all things beauty-related.

During the years 2021 to 2023, I managed a thriving online store, achieving a gross revenue exceeding $1 million through the sale of hair extensions, beauty products, and professional tools. As a fellow beauty entrepreneur, I empathize with the hurdles of sourcing dependable vendors that align with our industry's stringent standards of quality, reliability, and service. Today, I am delighted to share with you:

  • A carefully curated collection of 16 vendors pivotal to the triumph of my personal beauty business journey
  • My Dreams to Reality Online Retail Launch Plan, offering invaluable insights and strategies for transforming aspirations into a thriving online beauty business

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Kerri Alston Hair assumes no responsibility or liability for any transactions or interactions between beauty professionals and the vendors listed herein. It is the responsibility of each individual user to conduct their own due diligence and assessment of vendors before entering into any agreements or making purchases.

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