Hybrid Intensive Virtual Course | PRE-ENROLLING


Hybrid Intensive + MRR is an innovative in virtual course designed to equip hair stylists and beauty pros with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in 3 hybrid extension techniques combining Single Weft microlinks, Tape-Ins and K-Tip extensions.

Instructed by industry-leading extension expert Kay Lynn, this course will elevate your expertise and revolutionize your approach to luxury hair extensions.

Currently we are pre-enrolling for this course. The Hybrid Intensive Virtual Course launches on 6/1/24. At that time all students who have pre-enrolled will go live in the online school.


Upon completing the Hybrid Intensive Course, you can expect to receive a comprehensive array of benefits and resources tailored to enhance your expertise in hybrid extension methods Plus::

  • In-depth Knowledge: Receive comprehensive training on the installation, maintenance and removal process for 3 of the industry's top luxury extension hybrid methods combining Single Weft microlinks, Tape-Ins and K-Tip extensions
  • Practical Skills: Develop practical skills in the hybrid application method with high quality video trainings. Learn how to seamlessly blend extensions with natural hair for a flawless result.
  • Maintenance and Aftercare Guidance: Receive valuable insights into proper maintenance and aftercare practices to preserve the longevity and health of the hybrid extension methods. Learn how to educate clients on care routines and troubleshoot common issues.
  • Client Communication Skills: Enhance your communication and client management skills to build trust, rapport, and long-term relationships. Learn how to assess client needs, set expectations, and deliver exceptional service.
  • Business Development Strategies: Explore business and marketing strategies tailored to the hair extension industry. Discover how to effectively market your services, attract new clients, and differentiate yourself in the market.
  • Community Support: Connect with a supportive community of fellow hairstylists and professionals, sharing insights, tips, and experiences. 
  • MRR : Gain master resell rights to this course to offer to your community as your own for 100% profit. This course is a faceless course and does not highlight any specific stylist. 

This masterclass is perfect for:

  • Professional Hairstylists: Experienced hairstylists seeking to expand their skill set and offer additional services to their clients can greatly benefit from this course. It provides advanced training in keratin tip hair extensions, allowing stylists to enhance their service offerings and attract a broader clientele.
  • Aspiring Hairstylists: Individuals who are new to the field of hair styling and wish to specialize in hair extensions can use this course as a comprehensive introduction to keratin tip extensions. It provides foundational knowledge and practical skills necessary to kickstart a career in the hair industry.
  • Beauty School Students: Students enrolled in cosmetology or beauty school programs can supplement their formal education with this specialized course focused on keratin tip hair extensions. It offers practical insights and hands-on experience that complement their classroom learning.
  • Salon Owners and Managers: Salon owners and managers looking to train their staff in advanced hair extension techniques can utilize this course to upskill their team. It provides a structured curriculum that can be integrated into salon training programs, enhancing the overall service quality and client satisfaction.
  • Beauty Enthusiasts and DIYers: Individuals with a passion for hair styling and a desire to learn professional techniques can enroll in this course to master the art of keratin tip hair extensions. Whether for personal use or to start a side business, this course offers valuable knowledge and skills applicable in various settings.
  • In-depth, high quality, up-close training videos
  • Hybrid theory videos
  • Lifetime playback video access
  • Social media marketing content vault 
  • 2 Downloadable templates 
  • 2 Ebooks
  • MRR

LAUNCH DAY 6/1/2024

1. Once you purchase, you will receive an email instructing you on next steps to access the course on launch day 6/1/2024.

2. Begin the course and start learning on launch date.

3. Learn at your own pace.

The MRR license grants you the right to resell the course to others. You are allowed to market and sell the course using your own brand strategy.

Customers who purchase the course with MRR retain 100% of the profits generated from their resales. This allows you to maximize your earning potential by reselling the course to your community.

The primary content of this Hybrid Intensive course remains unchanged. It includes comprehensive modules, instructional videos, interactive exercises, and resources designed to educate participants on various aspects of hybrid hair extension techniques.

No refunds are available after course access is granted.


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