Passive Wealth Guide


Everything you need to create a digital product that will sell, & how to sell it to create passive income.

This done-for-you digital product grants full resell rights to the purchaser.

In purchasing a done-for-you product that comes with resell rights, you also get the freedom to modify, resell, and FULLY profit from this product, meaning you don’t owe anyone (including me!) a portion of your sales.

What you will find with this Guide is that not only did you purchase the Guide itself, but you also were granted the Private Label Rights for it (not to be confused with Master Resell Rights or just Re-SALE rights!). In other words, PLR + Resell Rights = match made in heaven.

This means you are able to rename, rebrand, and totally change this product. Make it your own!

Want a low ticket HIGH value product to offer your customers? One that will take them through creating, branding and selling their own digital product to earn passive income? One that will take them through doing the market and keyword RESEARCH to make sure it will sell?

This is a great item to have in your store to offer your customer as your lower ticket item before they purchase your high ticket item OR to add on as an incentive for free when they purchase your high ticket item!

This is a SMART investment to make in your digital marketing business and in creating your own passive income!

You’ll learn not only how to create your own digital product, but also how to do the research behind it to make SURE it’s something that will sell. The guide will also walk you through branding, setting up your back-end systems, and all the legal things and logistics as well. It’s going to be so FUN!

Immediately after purchase you will get access to the Canva TEMPLATE LINK and you will be able to change the toolkit however you'd like!

Due to the nature of digital products/downloads, refunds will NOT be issued.

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